About the Author

Welcome to my website. I’m Ryan Hembree, and I live in Beatrice, Nebraska.

It’s my desire to present women with lighthearted inspirational mysteries where the reader isn’t offended by the language on the pages or offended by the behavior of the characters.


I love mysteries, and I present adventurous mysteries to my readers with plenty of clues embedded along the way to keep the reader entertained until the end of the books. My Qwerty Mysteries present two Christian women who struggle to stay employed in a volatile job market. These characters face challenges to their faith and find ways to overcome the obstacles. I have had more than twenty-five years experience in business and worked in Asia, Scandinavia, Central America, and on a Caribbean island.

You’ll find sprinkled throughout this website and my Facebook author page tips on healthy living. I’m awed by centenarians, and I’m a committed centenarian prepper who intends to enjoy all of my years.

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