Greta Cox and Alice Reese are hired by Lattimore and Thayer Investigations as permanent employees. Overwhelmed with a government fraud case, Alistair Geddes asks Greta and Alice to conduct a simple interview with a woman whose husband’s cremation urn was stolen from her home in a burglary.

Greta soon learns that with Alistair, nothing’s ever simple. The urn was being passed around to two other women who were also his wives. And, as Greta and Alice dig deeper, they discover Hugh Lee didn’t die in a simple auto accident, but he was racing away from an assailant in a hail of bullets.

The triumvirate of wives all claim that Lee was investigating an executive in the business who had ties to a crime syndicate. Greta and Alice wonder if the executive caused Lee’s death. Or, did his first wife engineer his death when she found out about the other women? Or, did one of the wives cause the urn to disappear in order to cash in on the quarter of a million dollar insurance policy on the urn?

The women urn their keep on this assignment.

TaxScramble - Copy

Tax Scramble


 Greta Cox and Alice Reese split up to work separate assignments. Greta lands a cushy job with an investigative service. While she’s being treated like a queen in her new job, someone is stealing her identity.

Alice picks up a position at a local print shop. Tolerating daily customer abuse, she’s committed to her new employer and to seeing the task through to the end. But her commitment costs her when someone vandalizes her home, and now her small dog has gone missing.

Ultimately, the women learn there is a connection between the two jobs that no one saw.

bbBurgled Vet - Copy

Burgled Vet

A short story featuring characters from the Lost and Found series. A grizzled war veteran learns that even the most courageous men need families. Paige Milner steps in to help army veteran, Sarge Lessiter recover his war medals stolen in a home burglary.

TangledSapphire - Copy

Tangled Sapphires

NEW RELEASE: Investigator Paige Milner knows that her ex-fiancé, Tim Bartell, didn’t shoot Darla Porter because he was standing right next to her when it happened. Tim is now the prime suspect in Darla’s attack. Paige was investigating Darla for jewelry theft, but now that she’s in a coma, Paige digs deep into Darla’s past to learn what provoked such a brutal assault. Paige has been descending into an abyss of disbelief after her mother’s death, unable to find firm footing for her faith, and the investigation is pulling her farther from God. She’s determined to solve this case and find her faith again before she and Tim become the attackers’ next victims.

Errant Mobile

NOW RELEASED — Errant Mobile

Qwerty Mysteries

Errant Mobile is released and offered on Amazon Kindle. It will take a few more days to thread through Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

Greta Cox and Alice Reese report to work, and on the first day of their new job, find their boss on the floor and gasping for air. So, who shot him?

The family attorney hires the women to sort out the bookkeeping in the business while the police investigate Mr. Ford’s shooting. As Greta and Alice dig deep into the books, the women quickly learn that this attempted murder won’t be solved by forensics but by spreadsheets and thumb drives. And what’s up with all those mobile devices?

Enjoy the first writing in the Qwerty Mysteries series. The books present lighthearted mysteries surrounding Greta and Alice’s job assignments.

Underground Dinner

NEW RELEASE — Underground Dinner

4/21/2016 UNDERGROUND DINNER, a Qwerty Mysteries

UNDERGROUND DINNER  is released on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Greta Cox and Alice Reese catch up the books for a family-run private dinner club, but the job goes awry when the owner is murdered and guests at a dinner are poisoned.

Greta scours the business accounts searching for an unexplained abundance of money and any thread that would provide a link to the killer. The tragedy the family suffers through draws Greta into a deeper level of trust in God than she’s ever know before.

Alice digs through the business correspondence for clues to a connection to the person who poisoned the dinner guests. Observing the courage that the family displays during such a heartbreaking time, she begins to rise up out of the depression she suffered after her divorce and finds new courage.

As the women sort out the business, they learn that the motive for the murder and poisoning are woven into the fabric of the business and multiple suspects emerge. Was the owner murdered by a vengeful wife? The owner’s suspected mistress? Or by a sinister dinner guest?

Enjoy the second book in the Qwerty Mysteries series.


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Convict Dad

Convict Dad Finalist in EPIC’s eBook Award 2014

Epic's eBook Awards 2014EPIC’s eBook Awards™, formerly known as EPPIE, began in 2000 and has become the oldest competition to EBrecognize excellence in ePublished works, honoring the best of current eBooks from the ePublishing industry. This is a premier event for authors and publishing houses.

P. Ryan Hembree is proud to have been to have been selected as a finalist for 2014. In her novel, Convict Dad Kardell works to get her innocent father released from prison. If she succeeds at getting a new trial, he’ll be free. If she fails, he could get the death penalty. Follow this family’s walk in faith through such a tragic injustice.


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