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BLUE ZONES – The Power of Nine

After Dan Buettner’s research teams finished evaluating Blue Zones around the world, these areas of significant clusters of Centenarians, he compiled nine consistent habits of thousands of Centenarians from around the globe.

Over the next few months, we’ll explore his “Power of Nine” behaviors that lead people to active longevity. Understand, we may not all reach 100+ years, but we can incorporate these habits into our daily lives now to ensure that the time we have is active and productive.

We’ll be looking at (1) moving naturally—being active, (2) cutting our daily calories by 20%, (3) working toward a more plant-based diet, (4) his recommendation to include wine in a healthy diet, (5)developing a purposeful life by coming up with a personal mission statement, (6) downshifting on the stress level, (7) belonging to a church, which has proven to impact longevity, (8) sense of family or loved ones, and (9) joining the right tribe by surrounding yourself with those who share Blue Zone values.

These are fun topics to explore, and we’ll learn why each value is important to active longevity. Join me next week as we consider (1) moving naturally.

Giant Yew Tree

Blue Zones

The image above is a Yew tree. Yew trees are dominant in the United Kingdom. Yew trees can live longer than three thousand years. I don’t know any thousand-year-olds, but it makes a good iconic image for Centenarian Preppers.

Blue zones are those clusters of centenarians around the globe discovered by researchers. In the United States, Japan, China, South America, Greece, and many other nations, researchers are finding groupings of one-hundred-year old seniors enjoying their latter years.

Blue zones were first discovered by Dan Buettner. He spearheads research projects that evaluate why these groupings of centenarians in these particular areas have thrived for so many years. Join me in future posts as we dig into Dan Buettner’s book, The Blue Zones. We’ll discover how we can live long enough to start our own Blue Zone.

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Welcome to the Centenarian Preppers’ Club!

Get ready for your future now by following current trends on living responsibly.

Supercentenarians are blowing past the 100 year mark in amazing numbers. Currently, there are over 53,376 centenarians in the United States and many of them are reaching supercentenarian status.

Jeanne Calment from Arles, France was the oldest, documented living person in the world who lived to 122 years. In the United States, as of the date of this writing, Gertrude Weaver in Arkansas is 116 years young.

These centenarians and supercentenarians lived to their current ages by accident—it wasn’t planned. But what if we began engineering our lifestyles to ensure that we’ll not only make it beyond 122 years, but still be functional and active?

Take the journey with me to achieve supercentenarian status. We’ll review all the latest books on successful aging. Also, we’ll review tips on avoiding a toxic or risky lifestyle.

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