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Burgled Vet

A short story featuring characters from the Lost and Found series. A grizzled war veteran learns that even the most courageous men need families. Paige Milner steps in to help army veteran, Sarge Lessiter recover his war medals stolen in a home burglary.

Errant Mobile

NOW RELEASED — Errant Mobile

Qwerty Mysteries

Errant Mobile is released and offered on Amazon Kindle. It will take a few more days to thread through Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

Greta Cox and Alice Reese report to work, and on the first day of their new job, find their boss on the floor and gasping for air. So, who shot him?

The family attorney hires the women to sort out the bookkeeping in the business while the police investigate Mr. Ford’s shooting. As Greta and Alice dig deep into the books, the women quickly learn that this attempted murder won’t be solved by forensics but by spreadsheets and thumb drives. And what’s up with all those mobile devices?

Enjoy the first writing in the Qwerty Mysteries series. The books present lighthearted mysteries surrounding Greta and Alice’s job assignments.

Underground Dinner

NEW RELEASE — Underground Dinner

4/21/2016 UNDERGROUND DINNER, a Qwerty Mysteries

UNDERGROUND DINNER  is released on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Greta Cox and Alice Reese catch up the books for a family-run private dinner club, but the job goes awry when the owner is murdered and guests at a dinner are poisoned.

Greta scours the business accounts searching for an unexplained abundance of money and any thread that would provide a link to the killer. The tragedy the family suffers through draws Greta into a deeper level of trust in God than she’s ever know before.

Alice digs through the business correspondence for clues to a connection to the person who poisoned the dinner guests. Observing the courage that the family displays during such a heartbreaking time, she begins to rise up out of the depression she suffered after her divorce and finds new courage.

As the women sort out the business, they learn that the motive for the murder and poisoning are woven into the fabric of the business and multiple suspects emerge. Was the owner murdered by a vengeful wife? The owner’s suspected mistress? Or by a sinister dinner guest?

Enjoy the second book in the Qwerty Mysteries series.


Adele's Valentine Gifts

Adele’s Valentine Gifts-New Release

Adele’s Valentine Gifts is now released as a Kindle ebook. Adele Kish and her friends seek out the culprit who is sending Adele mystery Valentine gifts. Enjoy a heartwarming short story of bonded friendship.

Abbeys Christmas

Abbey’s Christmas Friend — new release!

Abbey’s Christmas Friend is now released as a Kindle Direct Ebook.

A Christmas-warming short story because at Christmas, everyone’s family. Abbey Marsh comes across a lost Beagle at the park. The small dog leads her to its owner, Bill Taft, who is injured. Abbey gets assistance for the man, and a friendship blossoms between two lonely people during the holidays.


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