Greta Cox and Alice Reese are hired by Lattimore and Thayer Investigations as permanent employees. Overwhelmed with a government fraud case, Alistair Geddes asks Greta and Alice to conduct a simple interview with a woman whose husband’s cremation urn was stolen from her home in a burglary.

Greta soon learns that with Alistair, nothing’s ever simple. The urn was being passed around to two other women who were also his wives. And, as Greta and Alice dig deeper, they discover Hugh Lee didn’t die in a simple auto accident, but he was racing away from an assailant in a hail of bullets.

The triumvirate of wives all claim that Lee was investigating an executive in the business who had ties to a crime syndicate. Greta and Alice wonder if the executive caused Lee’s death. Or, did his first wife engineer his death when she found out about the other women? Or, did one of the wives cause the urn to disappear in order to cash in on the quarter of a million dollar insurance policy on the urn?

The women urn their keep on this assignment.


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